is coming, eventually. We think. We hope. In anticipation we are starting to bulk up on bright and pastel hues in the shop. A bunch of Buddha statues are about to be listed for the very time, including the most adorable baby Buddha piggy bank known to man. Keep your eyes peeled so you can snag one before we run out.  

February photo challenge

Too much was going on in January to really dig into a photo challenge, but February is on! I know Sara is going to be snapping along with me (both on our personal blogs), and maybe Lilo too? Looking forward to a month of mostly silly, sometimes serious photos. 

101 in 1001: evey's new list

Follow along with Sara + Evey as we complete 101 preset tasks in 1001 days. Learn more about the project guidelines here. And join our Facebook group to connect with others on their quest.

Evey's start date: January 1, 2014
Evey's end date: September 28, 2016
Days to go: 981
List progress: 2/101

My first round was Apr.1.2011 - Dec.28.2013, and I was able too complete 54 goals. I consider that a great victory, and I am looking forward to excelling even more this round. My new list naturally began on the first of the year. 981 days left! So far I am kicking ass!


First goal accomplished was my introductory visit to an acupuncturist, the awesome Brian Wilson, which was as blissful an experience as I have ever had.  Watched 10 of the 100 documentaries I have planned, including Good Ol' Freda. It's about the sweetest little British lady who was the head of The Beatles official fan club in the 60's.

I also completed my 2013 sketchbook for the sketchbook project. Having completely spaced on the January 15th deadline over the holidays, I had just 5 days to work on it after the reminder email was received. That seemed like waaaay too much time, so in glorious me fashion, I waited until the night of the 14th to get working. Four hours later, half a glue stick gone, my trusty ink flow pen empty, and a random smattering of supplies littering my bedroom floor: a sketchbook was filled. Here are some highlights.

Next up in the very near future is getting my teeth cleaned as part of my regular cleaning/check ups goal before I leave for my 6 week NYC residency. While there I plan to do a bunch of stuff with Lilo, like conquering our NYC bucket list, museum trips, and finally shaving half my head. And, obviously eating raw vegan for one month is about to get crossed off as well. 

evey: raw vegan challenge

I'm not one for resolutions, but I love a good challenge. So I started the new year off right with a 30 day raw vegan challenge, inspired by Sara who did this last year and is at it again. The cravings and what not are over, and even though I could write an opus on the judgement of random people's reaction when they have to digest the fact that I am fat and vegan, I am having a pretty positive experience. Why wouldn't I, since I get to eat raspberry pie (above,) lose weight, and feel good about myself all at the same time. 

Every day is a new recipe experience, the colors taunt, and my investment in kitchen equipment over the past few years has now been justified. I'm also learning interesting raw food prep techniques that I can assimilate into my diet when I start cooking again. Mushrooms, for instance, take on a soft cooked texture when you let them sit in tamari sauce for a few minutes (above with zucchini noodles and sun dried marinara.) Next time I make a noodle bowl at home I can forego the killing of some of my vegetables' nutrients using this method. 

Blah blah blah blah, I'm healthy. Blah, blah, blah, pretty salad photos. Salads made with seeds like the above sunflower seed based mock chicken salad. I seriously could not stomach the raw taste of seeds in the beginning of this month, but now they are my go to fuel. A handful of pumpkin seeds and a red pepper is my favorite snack. 

More pretty salads, some of which did not taste so good. I'm looking at you sweet potato slaw. I wanted to love you, I mean look at you! But, it was not meant to be. 

So far my absolute go to meals, other than giant platters of random fruits and veggies, have been corn chowder and chocolate cake. The cake is this rich, dense, chocolate dream filled with cacao powder and healthy coconut oil. You would never guess that it is raw. And, the chowder recipe came from Raw & Simple by Judita Wignall, which I highly recommend for many recipes do not require a dehydrator.

My challenge ends in two weeks, but I am not really looking forward to integrating "regular" food back in. I have plans to go nuts on February 1st at my favorite eateries, but going nuts is not going to mean gorging on fatty or fried foods. That actually sounds pretty revolting. I am just looking forward to a warm cup of vegan soup, the texture of a baked good, and a slice of mellow mushroom pizza. 

February 2nd is back to eating raw, because it is the only eating style that has ever leveled out my relationship with food. Food is fuel, not a friend. 

Something new

"Regrets collect like old friends
Here to relive your darkest moments
I can see no way, I can see no way

And all of the ghouls come out to play
And every demon wants his pound of flesh
But I like to keep some things to myself
I like to keep my issues drawn
It's always darkest before the dawn"

I realized while getting this new tattoo that I only sit for ink when I am solidly in a new phase of life. When I have made a decision that can never be unchanged. When I have uncovered a part myself that now defines me stronger than ever before.

My first piece was the phrase "my own two feet" across the top of my feet. It was done in Florida with my best friend by my side. It symbolized the independence I had gained for myself by leaving home, forging ahead on my own dime without a safety net, cutting the cord between my mother and I. I knew I would never go back, never float from my center, never use another's stride when my own would do.  I chose myself.

My second piece was a random phrase within a story Lilo shared with me. When I told her I was getting this tattoo she thought I was kidding. To this day she still does not quite grasp how epic her affect on me is. "Live, love, toil with a will," was the deepest summation anyone has ever made of me, and it belonged on the base of my neck. It holds me up just as she does on my lowest days. I knew we were kindred. I chose her as my home.

My newest piece is a line from a Florence and the Machine song, but of course it is also a common proverb. I struggle with depression, being haunted by the past, mood swings, internalizing the tiniest details, and just your average tortured artist, negative thought pattern bullshit. I also have a pretty fucked up sleep disorder. This line is a reminder to myself that I will make it through my down periods. And, it celebrates my radical self love, because I am so done hating myself for my struggles. I accept that for every ebb there is a flow and vice versa, and I plan to embrace and capitalize on this natural cycle of mine to further my life.

I choose to move forward.

Evey: christmas 2013

Charlie sitting pretty by our tree. We purchased it very last minute, because Lilo did not get back to Nashville until the day before Christmas Eve. Apparently, if you wait till the last minute you can get a tree for less than your average cup of gourmet coffee. Think this might be a new tradition for us.

Lilo taking a shine to the blanket I knitted for her. It was worth the hours of purling to see her so happy.

My favorite holiday decoration: The Christmas Pig.

Weird photo in which I look normal, and Lilo has turned into some sort of death eater creature.

Lilo bought us some cheapy silver bands while we wait for our custom rings to be finished. Of course I cried.

The aftermath.

Lilo with her new bike. I took this video of her searching for her last gift around the house. It was an epic scream. I'm not allowed to post it for the whole world to see. Boohoo.

Thrift Score: vintage mugs

Everyone seems to have a vintage item dogging them at thrift stores. Sara always finds those ceramic animal heads people used to hang in their kitchens as towel hooks. For me, I cannot walk out of a shop without at least one vintage mug, if not three. The owl set is my favorite out of this bunch. They are available at Mint Bean Vintage for a limited time, until I cannot take the adorableness anymore and I scoop them up for my own collection.

Of course with all the coffee mugs filling my cart, it was only natural to stumble upon a milk glass creamer. This retro cutie is in perfect condition, and available in my shop as well.  

101 in 1001: productivity bingo

Follow along each month as Sara + Evey complete 101 preset tasks in 1001 days. Learn more about the project guidelines here. And join our Facebook group to connect with others on their quest. 

Hi, gang! Sara here with a quick post about a tool that I've just recently started using with great success.  I call it Productivity Bingo.  A lot of the items on my 101 in 1001 list are *big* items that either need to be repeated multiple times over the course of the 1001 days (such as "write 100 letters") or need to be broken down into several component parts or steps.  It sometimes felt daunting to look over my list and try to set goals for the next month when I knew there was no way I was going to completely finish a goal.

Here's where the new tool comes in.  I had this monthly dry erase board sitting in my office that I never put to good use.  So I took it into the living room and started looking over my list while asking, "What little steps do I want to accomplish over the next month?"  Each square got one task or baby step.  As I complete things, I erase them. I might not be able to write 100 letters in a month, but if I can write 2-3 per month, then I know I'll eventually get to my goal.  If by some miracle I get through all 35 of these baby steps before August ends, I can always start over and make a new board!  So far this is working great and I hope it might help you as well :)
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